SWAT.engineering is a spinoff company with a long track record in creating software inventions and solutions

CWI spinoff

Incorporated in 2017, SWAT.engineering BV is a spinoff company of Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), more precisely of CWI’s Software Analysis and Transformation research group which has a long track record in creating software inventions and solutions, and applying them to practical problems.

Our Toolbox

The open-source meta-programming language Rascal (see Rascal) and the DSL technologies developed at CWI are key components in our toolbox.


Our mission is to help solve the software problems of our clients using the best proven techniques for building, analysing and maintaining quality software.


We are ardent and prolific contributors to open source projects

Strong software engineering background

In addition to our metaprogramming background, we have very strong skills in software engineering and (open and closed) source software development. We are ardent and prolific contributors to open source software, and have access to a large international community of software developers. We are core contributors to the Rascal meta-programming language (see the Rascal Metaprogramming language.

We are strongly embedded in the international research and software development community

State-of-the-art innovations

Our innovations are driven by state-of-the-art developments in the software industry as well as academia and we are strongly embedded in the international research and software development community.

Software Engineering Skills

Other software engineering skills we have as team include requirements engineering, problem analysis, software design, compiler construction, type checking, software analysis and transformation, programming (e.g., Java, C, C#, Javascript, …), IDEs (Eclipse, IntelliJ), continuous integration (e.g., Maven, Jenkins), testing, and deployment (e.g., Docker).

Davy Landman

Dr. Davy Landman (founder & CEO) is a software engineering researcher with extensive experience in the industry. He started his career as a professional software developer working on enterprise software at Maastricht University Medical Center. Next he obtained an MSc in Software Engineering from the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and subsequently he carried out research at CWI that resulted in the PhD “Reverse engineering source code: Empirical studies of limitations and opportunities”. In 2018 his PhD was awarded the best dissertation award by the national research school IPA.

Davy is co-founder and CEO of SWAT.engineering where he works both on technical problems for clients (designing and implementing DSLs, enhancing the Rascal ecosystem) and on the managerial aspects of a spin off company.

Davy Landman

Paul Klint

Prof. dr. Paul Klint (founder & language engineer) is research fellow at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica and professor emeritus in software engineering at the University of Amsterdam. Paul pioneered in meta-programming, general context-free parsing, term rewriting, domain-specific languages and software renovation and together with many others he designed and implemented substantial software systems including the ASF+SDF Meta-Environment, the ToolBus coordination architecture, and the Rascal metaprogramming language and workbench.

He is a member of the supervisory board of BIT, the bureau that has to approve all large IT projects of the Dutch government, does consulting for companies and governments worldwide, and has co-founded several companies including the Software Improvement Group (software quality inspection), SolidSands (compiler validation) and SWAT.engineering (software analysis and transformation, including domain-specific languages, where he is language engineer).

Paul Klint

Pablo Inostroza Valdera

Dr. Pablo Inostroza Valdera (language engineer), is an Informatics Engineer (Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile), Master in Computer Science (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium) and PhD (“Structuring Languages as Object-Oriented Libraries”) in Computer Science specialized in Programming Languages (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica and Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands). Besides having worked as an academic researcher, he also has experience as a professional Software Engineer, having participated in several technology-intensive projects.

Pablo is an expert in type systems, language composition and DSL design and is language engineer at SWAT.engineering.

Pablo Inostroza Valdera

Jurgen Vinju

Prof. dr. Jurgen Vinju (founder & language engineer) is the leader of the Software Analysis and Transformation research group at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica and part-time full professor Automated Software Analysis in the Model Driven Software Engineering group at TU Eindhoven. Since 2000 Jurgen has been designing and implementing metaprogramming systems, their supporting data-structures and algorithms as well as their applications. This includes the ASF+SDF Meta-Environment, contributions to the Eclipse IDE Meta-tooling platform and most importantly Rascal.

Jurgen believes firmly in bringing research output to practice, and bringing industry experience into academia, by collaborating with industrial partners. He has been teaching many courses and seminars on the topics of software refactoring, debugging, source-to-source transformation, software analytics and software analysis both in academia and industry. He co-authored dozens of research papers on the topics of metaprogramming, domain-specific languages, software analysis and transformation, and empirical software engineering.

Jurgen Vinju

Karin Blankers

Karin Blankers, MSc (business developer) is Valorization Manager at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica and acts primarily as an advisor and coordinator of the institute’s innovation and spin-off activities. Before joining CWI she worked for years as a senior marketing consultant for ICT companies. At SWAT.engineering she will identify new business opportunities and deepen the relationship with existing clients.

Karin Blankers

Get in touch!


Get in touch for all your enquiries by mailing to davy.landman@swat.engineering or calling +31 (0)6 3375 4110. We will be glad to discuss all your software problems and the potential solutions we can provide.


We are constantly looking for talent. Are you attracted by our vision and have experience in language design and metaprogramming then get in touch via work@swat.engineering. We welcome applications from juniors who want to learn our technology as well as from seniors who can directly help us to realize our vision.

We value quality over quantity and have deliberately chosen to grow slowly and we only employ the best designers and engineers that can be found.