Control your software

We support you in making domain knowledge explicit and exploiting it to create new systems and improve existing ones.

Software is eating the world

“Software is eating the world” but software is also eating the maintenance and development budgets of companies and governments alike.

Organizations become less effective and agile due to increasing dependence on software. Costs of software development and maintenance are increasing. Quality and flexibility of software are decreasing. This is caused by inefficient knowledge exchange between domain experts and software developers. Creating and adapting software becomes thus inefficient and error prone.

It is time for future-proof software.

We create future-proof software

Profit from a proven approach that addresses these problems. is an innovative spinoff company, specialized in an award-winning, knowledge-centered, approach to software development.

Knowledge-centered approach

Compact and explicit domain knowledge makes the communication between domain experts and IT departments more effective.

We take the domain knowledge of our clients as a starting point for creating and consolidating their software-based business. Domain knowledge may come from experience in a specific industry such as finance, logistics, manufacturing, legal, or forensics. It may come from a fresh idea for a new application or service, or from analyzing existing software.

We model domain knowledge by creating a tailored domain-specific language. This new language is understandable for business experts, auditors, clients and software developers alike. Using such a language guarantees a seamless match with organizarional needs and easy adaptation to rapidly changing business realities.

We create validated, future-proof software from this domain knowledge.